Pause. It’s where the magic is. 🙏

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Can I just be on my honeymoon already?


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Things I learned from past relationships

1.  Your communication, and in turn feelings, should not be a result of social media flirtation

2.  You should not allow someone to treat you like you do not exist when it is not convenient for them

3.  You should always be treated like the most important person in the room

4.  You should not settle 

5.  There should be compromise

6.  There must be conversation and comfortable silence

7.  Your sexual needs should be equally important

8.  Say what you want to say, ALWAYS

9.  You should never be worried that the other person has someone else.  If you are worried, then most likely it is true.

10. You should feel LOVED.  And pretty.  And special.  EACH and EVERY damn day.

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🌳 Turning the Wheel of Dharma Day :: today marks the anniversary of Buddha’s first teaching :: for today I cannot be thankful enough because today marks the start of a tradition that has brought me great joy and happiness in my life 🌳 And happy birthday Geshe Kelsang Gyatso #turningthewheelofdharmaday #buddha #buddhist #geshekelsanggyatso #buddhistteachings #lessonslearned

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